Good mix of Hungarian music, from folk to more modern
Hungarian language acquisition podcast
Hungary’s English-language, online radio show (and podcast)
Interviews and banter with Hungarians and non-Hungarians working in creative fields in Budapest.
In the latest history podcast, Diplomat Chris Greenwood remembers his role in reporting the border crossings between Hungary and Austria – one of the major contributing factors to the collapse of East Germany and the Berlin Wall
This lecture asks us to question our normative view of the nation-state, and to imagine a world where ethnicity was neither a real nor an important form of community identity

Center for European Studies’ SoundCloud, current Center-sponsored talks (below)

“The Right to Know the Past in Hungary” argues that the failure to properly solve the problem of both lustration and access to the files of the secret police files in Hungary among many other things contributed to the failure of liberal democracy.

Professor of Law, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Visiting Research Scholar, Princeton.

“Historical Obstacles to Transparency in Central Europe” talk by Eva Balogh, PhD Yale, Author of Hungarian Spectrum blog.